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We have known Jason for about 15 years. He began working with our severely Autistic son, Samuel, at that time and has been a wonderful support to us and more importantly to our son ever since. He is a man of integrity, respect, and empathy. He has a comprehensive knowledge of people with special needs and is quickly able to assess a particular person’s needs and intervene with compassion and the appropriate support. Jason’s calm and thoughtful approach has always been reassuring and beneficial to Sam. We can sincerely say that Jason has made a positive difference in our lives and continues to provide us with the support and help we need for our son, Sam.

Sofia Iaonnou

We are extremely grateful for the team at JMSW. It is extremely difficult to find reliable staff that know the way to handle our 7 year old Autistic son. The team has always been consistent and applied the right interventions, always professional and always accommodating to our needs.

Steven Lavoie


Michael is a person of tremendous moral integrity whose actions align with his values. Michael was one of my teachers while I was the Principal at Horizon high school. Horizon is home to the LBPSB’s most vulnerable and at risk youth.  Michael’s ability to connect and build meaningful relationships with this highly susceptible population is remarkable. The students rely on him not only for academics but for important life lessons. He is very genuine, therefore people trust him. He has a quiet self-confidence about him that provides those around him with a sense of safety and security.  Michael’s calm demeanor and adaptability are tantamount to his success with his students in this highly stressful environment. He is tenacious, consistent, committed, caring and trustworthy. He navigates stressful situations with grace and is in control of his emotions. Michael is always ready for the unexpected.

Colleen Galley, LBPSB Regional Director


Jason, Gabrielle & staff work from the heart and provide exceptional care. They are extremely professional, attentive & sensitive to my son’s special needs. 

It puts our minds at ease to know our son is receiving the care he needs from qualified and compassionate staff. We are thankful and sincerely grateful for their hard work and dedication. 

Walter Mendelson

A big thank you to Jason and his team.


The goal of every parent is to see their child become an independent and fulfilled adult. 

The dream of every young person is to be able to leave home and live in an apartment.

But when our child/young adult is autistic, it really becomes more difficult, even inaccessible... For our 24-year-old child, living at home with mom and dad, it was conflicting. He was unable to live in an apartment, even with roommates. We couldn't see any solutions...

But thanks to Jason and his team, he can now live his dream! He lives in a supervised apartment, all alone like a big boy! He has access to a nurse, a social worker and several educators. They do group activities: picnics, biking, movies... They are there to help them learn how to budget, go back to school or go back to work. They are there to help our children become independent and fulfilled adults!

Thanks to them, we can have more peace of mind, and we are less worried about the future of our son.


They are a great team!

Sophie and Dominic

Jason's team is truly a team that I wholeheartedly recommend. Any parent who is in need of these services is going through a difficult time in their life with their child and are apprehensive at first with requesting such a service.  But we were served by a caring, professional and compassionate team. They have transformed our son in a short period of time. The educators are as attached as they are involved in their relationships with the children. I warmly recommend his entire team. Thank you again!

Laurence Nadeau

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