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We provide the best quality of care for unique individuals.



We continuously seek to partner with existing residential resources in need of caregiving and management services and to collaborate with organizations looking to develop residential or respite resources. 


We run supervised apartments, youth and adult homes and personalized care programs for our residents and private family homes. We apply the same level of support, care and passion to all our cared for individuals.


Our team is comprised of professionals who are experts and proficient in providing the best interventions and quality care for individuals of the JMSW community. We can help connect our cared for individuals with the right services to help them grow and become independent in society. 


Our Approach

We provide a space for our residents to be cared for with the utmost level of compassion. We offer specialized, around the clock services for individuals at all our locations.  

We aim to create a safe and accepting environment, while offering a diversified schedule of activities. We wish to maintain and improve upon our participants functional autonomy, social skills and create positive relationships with their peers. 

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